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Under the Chimes Tree


Each of our companies is a separate entity and has a Management Team supervised by their own Board of Directors. Each team has their independent strengths and experiences that they draw upon to achieve excellence in their sphere of business.

Petro IT is a leading software products and services provider to Energy and Utility companies across the world. Initiated just over a decade ago, Petro IT is a company that combines domain expertise with collaborative solutions, thereby serving customers with the best in class technology to manage their business assets. Petro IT’s presence spans the globe, with our headquarters based in Houston, TX. Petro IT has successfully built an enviable client list and endeavours to partner and work with many more great organizations in the coming years.

Chimes Aviation Academy was set up in 2007 as a newly established Pilot Training Academy in India to train students to become successful commercial pilots. Given its balance of the number of aircraft with the number of students enrolled, CAA can provide enough flying time so that students can complete their flying training within a year.
Chimes graduates are already seen employed in multiple airlines in India, and recently also in airlines overseas. With the latest generation of single-engine and multi-engine training aircraft, a careful selection of experienced trainers, conducive on-campus hostel facilities and a comfortable studying environment, the campus is situated at Dhana Airport, in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Chimes Aviation Academy is committed to providing the absolute best to aspiring pilots. We compete with academies on a global level and assure our students are educated to the best-in-class international standards.

Chimes Private Limited

Chimes Private Limited manages Real Estate, external investments, collaborative projects, property development and more. Closely aligned with the interests of the promoters of Chimes Group, Chimes Private Limited is the primary investment vehicle of the Group. The team at Chimes Private Limited plays a vital role in strategic decisions and investment choices. This entity is the primary investor in the Chimes Aviation Academy, Petro IT Limited and is responsible for the Real Estate Development projects owned and managed under the Chimes Group.

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