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Chimes is a multi-business organization that owns and invests – capital and experience – in emerging businesses with the objective to build and grow them.
We work hard towards creating a Culture of Excellence, bringing superior quality in delivery, being practical in the selection, and building scale in the businesses we pursue. While growing and making a success of companies we invest in or incubate and increasing investment in new companies, we are open to exploring new and unique opportunities.
We can offer guidance and support in areas such as IT, Real Estate and Aviation services, as well as being open to opportunities in new spaces where we can leverage our managerial expertise and fund-raising capabilities to help grow businesses into profitable ventures.

We respect the people resources, environment and communities we work with and constantly strive to provide all stakeholders with a professional and a high integrity work environment. We also strongly believe in creating and developing leaders by nurturing and enabling talent and building strong teams for each of our businesses.

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